Biodegradable Self-Adhesive Labels. Look after the environment with our range of Biodegradable labels

Premium quality Biodegradable labels to suit your packaging requirements. Reducing Landfill is a serious business and we now have a serious product the help reduce it.

In recent years the life cycle of plastic materials has come under increasing scrutiny. Consumers and Industry alike are seeking alternative materials that have a lower environmental impact than their petrochemical based plastic counterparts. In response to these new challenges a number of materials have been made available.

Based on cellulose, derived from woodpulp, the new films come from sustainable resources and are approved for composting in both home and industrial conditions. The materials benefit from excellent printability and adhesive key, resulting from the use of novel biodegradable top-coat technology.

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Our Greener outlook

Albion Systems work to a strong environmental policy in there production of high quality labels and are truly committed to offering our customers the choice to do the same.
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