Label Applicators

The HERMA 400 Rotary Applicator

A new space-saving HERMA self-adhesive label applicator has been designed by HERMA to allow your existing rotary machine base to apply self-adhesive labels. The HERMA 400 Slim Line excels with an especially compact and slim build. The controls are completely integrated into the applicator’s drive unit which means that an external control box is no longer required. The modular mounting pedestal provides quick and simple adjustment for both height and angle of label application which guarantees the optimum labelling position can be achieved on whatever rotary base the HERMA Slim Line is fitted. Depending on the type of unwind and rewind units fitted the HERMA 400 Slim Line will attain a speed of up to 150 m/min (5700”/m) whilst maintaining the highest possible level of accuracy. This corresponds to a performance of approx. 60,000 labels per hour (with a label length of approx. 110 mm (4.3”)). A very important feature is that the applicator will automatically synchronize to the speed of the rotary machine. An optional RS 485 interface allows serial data transfer to and from a host control.

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Our Greener outlook

Albion Systems work to a strong environmental policy in there production of high quality labels and are truly committed to offering our customers the choice to do the same.
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