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For high volume rewinding, the Universal Rewind Unit is suitable for most makes of thermal printer. Its dancing arm and reversible motor enable the UR100 to rewind labels inside or outside wound onto various core sizes.

The Rewinder comes with a 76mm rewind mandrel. Other sizes available on request.


Power Requirement AC115V.50/60Hz (0.2A) or AC230V.50/60Hz (0.1A)
Temperature Limits 5C to 40C (41F to 104F)
Relative Humidity 25% to 85%
Weight 6.8kg
Rewinding Paper Width Max 230mm
Rewind Shaft Speed Variable
Label Stock Up to 152mm width (230mm roll diameter), up to 203mm (200mm roll diameter) and over 203mm width (160mm roll diameter)
Note: At rewind speeds of 10" per second or higher, only the 76mm core spigot should be used. At rewind speeds of 8" per second or less, the 38mm, 44mm and 76mm core spigots can be used

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