Green Policy

Albion Systems work to a strong environmental policy in the production of high quality labels and are truly committed to offering our customers the choice to do the same. With a range of environmental options our customers can select the option that best suites their needs. We have three environmental options of filmic materials recyclable, bio-degradable and home compostable.


  • This synthetic thin gauge film is a clear or white polyester (PET)
  • Label thicknesses in Clear PET are available in 50, 75 and 125 micron
  • And in White at 50 micron
  • Release liners are available in 19, 23 and 36 micron
  • Moisture resistant
  • EC and FDA Food contact compliant

  • Low gauge plastic film is formed by stretching Polypropylene (OPP) to form a film
  • OPP Labels Clear available in 38 and 60 micron
  • OPP Labels White available in 47, 50, 60 and 65 micron
  • Release liners in 38 micron
  • Used for over lamination to other materials including as paper or PE
  • Great moisture, environmental and chemical resistance
  • Used for ‘no look’ labels
  • EC and FDA Food contact compliant
  • Printing up to 8 colours and can be varnished / overlaminated.

  • Clear Polyethylene (PE) face stock is available in 38 and 65 micron
  • White PE face stock is available in 38 and 65 micron
  • Adheres well to glass or plastic packaging.
  • The ‘no look’ label can be achieved using this Clear material
  • UV resistance and good durability
  • High-speed dispensing can be achieved.
  • EC and FDA Food contact compliant


  • EarthFirst® PLA film is made from renewable corn.
  • This completely renewable resource is made from corn and is not petrochemical based
  • It is compostable, at Temp more than 58°c and 80% RH into water and CO2
  • Meets standard EN 13432
  • Very good clarity and transparency with high Gloss and is heat sealable
  • UV-resistance, moisture and odor barrier with resistance to oils
  • Temperature range: Min -40°c / Max 55°c
  • Available in 40, 50, 60 and 100 micron
  • Printable up to 8 colours plus varnish
  • Food contact compliant

Home Compostable

  • Printed on NATUREFLEXTM film made from wood pulp.
  • Manufactured from renewable wood pulp responsibly sourced.
  • Low Static for fast machine application
  • Greases, oils, and fat resistant
  • Good gas / odor barrier
  • Numerous adhesives and release liner combinations available
  • Clear with good transparency or in white.
  • 8 colours print plus uv varnish

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