Inkjet Printers

We offer a range of Epson and Afinia printers. Suitable for full colour in house printing.

AFINIA L801 Digital Label Printer

The Afinia L-801 is a high speed inkjet label printer that is at the forefront of inkjet printing technology.

Powered by Memjet technology the L-801 is blisteringly fast with speeds up to 18 metres per minute on a 216mm width, producing vibrant full colour prints at a maximum of 1600dpi resolution. The revolutionary design utilises a 216mm wide static print head which has 70,400 jets that shoot millions of ink droplets through it per second, resulting in what we call ‘Waterfall Technology’.

Download l801 Specification Sheet

EPSON C6000Ae Label Printer 4” with Auto Cutter

The Epson C6000 series with auto-cutter is a 4-inch print width model that comes in two variants, one with an auto-cutter and a built-in peeler option.

The C6000Ae oers speed, control, eciency and exibility, allowing you to produce high quality, custom labels time after time. Printing on-demand allows the C6000Ae to meet the needs of small to medium companies to meet the needs of printing across multiple SKU’s without the need to hold large stocks of pre-printed labels. The full-colour label printer can print labels as little 25.4mm up to 112mm width, making it ideal for labels for eliquid bottles, food and product labels.

Download EPSON C6000 Specification Sheet

EPSON C4000 Label Printer

High-quality desktop colour label printer with gloss black ink to produce labels in-house and on-demand in small-to-mid volumes.

This high-quality desktop printer series has a compact footprint, making it ideal for desktop installations. The C4000 series has a range of easy-to-use features and enhanced connectivity, allowing for increased printing exibility.

Download EPSON C4000 Specification Sheet

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